Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pillow Talk

One of the great joys of our relationship is enjoying "pillow talk." But at 5 in the morning? On a Saturday? Face it. We are both rapidly approaching our mid-50s, and sleep can be a challenge. Sometimes insomnia revolves around physical pain. Sore hips. Swollen legs, Throbbing lower back. Other times insomnia can revolve around mental rumination. This morning, Teri was thinking about getting our taxes done, and those worries kept recycling through her overactive cranium. So it goes. We lay there and chatted for 10 minutes, laughing a lot, playing verbal games, before she finally got up. She went to the beach condo office to do taxes, while I blessedly, after short sleep nights from a week of work, got back to slumber and dream land.

Pillow Talk can't happen every day. Many times, on work days, we'll sleep right up to the alarm going off at a miserable 4:30 in the morning. Then we have to pop out of bed and go through a firemen's drill to get on the road by 5:30. On weekends, however, when there is no alarm, we engage in pillow talk whenever we both are awake, even if it is 2, 3 or 4 in the morning. Or 7 or 8. It's all good.

We laugh. We commiserate. This morning we even joked about a mantra. Mine was "Yes," let's do it. Teri's word was "No." Let's just play around and put off the "main event." Very, very funny. I love my comedian wife so much. Who else gets to enjoy such creative events, original screenplays written for just the two of us? I am indeed deeply blessed.

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