Monday, September 10, 2012


9.10.11 transformed into 9.10.12

Somehow, 9.10.12 just doesn't have the same snap as saying 9.10.11.... yet, a year later our relationship is still as fresh as ever and we've had a wonderful first year of marriage.

We're still living in two homes, 90 miles apart, due to our employment situation and me taking care of Dad. Yet, we email and text periodically during the day, as time allows. We talk on the phone each evening and make it a priority to see each other each weekend. We spend our weekends at one home or the other... or travel. We love to get away and explore. This is concentrated time. Time together. One on one. Talking about a myriad of topics, laughing and sharing our hopes. Cherished times.

Last night on the eve our first anniversary we ate pizza - we ate pizza at our rehearsal dinner, so we decided to start a tradition. We have something to search for each year on our anniversary eve.

Today we had a wonderful, fun day together... with lots of visiting with people, sharing stories and laughing. Much like our wedding day... I see another tradition in the making. Last year for our honeymoon we went to Squamish, British Columbia, northwest of Vancouver. Highlights of our trip took us around Squamish; to Whistler Ski Resort and up the mountains on a gondola ride, hiking, taking in all the scenery atop Whistler and on the Peak to Peak ride to Blackcomb and back; Shannon Falls; Furry Creek Golf Course; a ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo; a tour of the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology; and Squamish Harbour.

This year, we're in the midst of another honeymoon trip... this time to Nelson, British Columbia, the eastern part of the province. We've toured the town, taken in the local sites and wonderful hospitality. Tomorrow we're exploring the area out of town. Hoping for more stories and more places to come back to for More Later.

More Later....... definitely something to strive for each day... live well this day and look forward to more later....... So, as we live 9.10.12, we look forward to a year well lived and 9.10.13