Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Eyes are Better than Two

It's amazing how many times Teri will see a detail in the surroundings that I, had she not called it to my attention, would have missed altogether. And vice-versa. Our photo expeditions during the recent second honeymoon to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast gave us a chance to discover visual treasures together and independently. It's fun to compare results when we get back to the hotel room. Cries of "Where in the world did you see that?" are common.

Now, instead of buying expensive souvenirs, or other people's artwork, we plan to commemorate our adventure with a nice poster-sized print to hang on the bedroom wall of either the beach condo or the mountain cabin. We have plenty of excellent options to choose from, and several trips to memorialize. The important thing is we surround ourselves with these great memories of past trips and promises of future adventures together.

Sure, because of stormy weather, we had little chances for the annual beach walk. But we did manage to find a sun break at Cannon Beach and at Fort Stevens State Park for brief photo-intensive sand excursions. Every little detail from beach bubbles to silver waves was captured not only in our minds but on our cameras, proving again that four eyes, used to their fullest capacity, are better than two.

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