Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celebrating Pi Day

OK, so I'm not the best role model. So what! Yesterday we celebrated Pi Day the right way. First we found the very best slice of Marionberry pie — our favorite flavor — in Cannon Beach. And good choice, we shared the slice of pie, sans ice cream.

Then, a few hours later, after shopping in a pattern store and touring several galleries, including the Bronze Coast Gallery where we found a river otter sculpture, one of my long-term quests, we went out for pizza pie. We ordered a small pizza, another good choice. The first half was grape reduction, Italian sausage and basil; the second half was Portuguese Linguica sausage. Yum! And not something we can find back home.

Some years — most, in fact — we won't be able to celebrate Pi Day. We won't be together. I'll be working in La Grande and Teri in Walla Walla. So when we are together, we need to take advantage of all opportunities to celebrate.

And some year, alas, health concerns might prevail. Then, if we have to, we'll celebrate Steady Blood Sugar Day. Whatever. We'll have an apple and make a toast to each other's health and to the joyful variety of complex carbs. Then we'll go play tennis.

For now, Pi Day prevails. And we're loving every minute of it.

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