Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

Knock on wood but I don't get sick much. I pride myself in building my immune system so every bug that sweeps through the office doesn't knock me on my backside. This time, however, a germ slipped through my defenses. I came down with the common cold on the first day on vacation. One of the "Just for Todays" list that I recite each day is "I'll be grateful in the good times and graceful in the bad times." Sure, I'm tempted to whine. I'm tempted to beg for sympathy. To show symptoms and hope someone cares. Over my history I haven't been a very good sick-o. But I can do better. And now I have a chance to practice with my dearly beloved by my side. I won't pretend to be better when I'm not. And I won't run around like a yahoo until I get walking pneumonia. But I will try to be a trooper and smile in the face of the storm.

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