Monday, March 12, 2012

The Extremely Mundane Outstandingly Average Laugh Minute

Another part of our Groundhog Day is the Extremely Mundane Outstandingly Average Laugh Minute. What inspired this were visits to restaurants to kick off our second honeymoon. Yes, more than food is served up at restaurants. You also get to people watch, and sometimes if you're lucky, or not so lucky, people hear. At the Maple Counter, our favorite restaurant in Walla Walla, which normally has outstandingly exceptional ambiance, we heard a woman laughing repeatedly like a hyena. And at the Full Sail Ale Brew Pub in Hood River, which serves up a terrific pulled pork sandwich and ordinarily outstanding atmosphere, we sat near a man who laughed like a sheep with a Mr. Microphone.

We love listening to people laugh. Most times, we enjoy it immensely. But to overhear the conversations, these people were laughing at anything. Maybe booze was involved. Maybe not. It went something like this: "Then we got up" (laugh track, "Had coffee" (laugh track), "Packed our stuff" (laugh track), "Checked out of the motel" (laugh track).

Having heard of laughing clubs, where people get together just to laugh and feel the benefits, we thought we'd try this ourselves. One of us starts by saying something incredibly mundane "We got up" and laughing hysterically. Pretty soon the laughter becomes contagious. We'll go on like this for a minute or two, just for fun.

Call us weird. Or different. But the Extremely Mundane Outstandingly Average Laugh Minute is a great way to start a day.

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