Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Having a Ball

Teri was fortunate enough to acquire several books from the collection of Dr. George Ball, an inspirational retired religion professor at Whitman College who died Jan. 1 at age 96. Having the books around will be a visual reminder to us of what Dr.Ball stood for and the lessons he taught: (1) Reach out; (2) Listen; (3) Help people think clearer and feel better; and (4) Always be upbeat. Easier said than done.

We like to have visual cues that remind us of things we need to do to keep our relationship strong. These include the paintings of the blue herons, which remind us of our very first River Walk, on our first date. I also want to eventually get pictures of puppies and river otters, to remind us, as mentioned in the "Younger Next Year" book, to snuggle like puppies and frolic like otters.

For now, we're happy to have these books that were well used by Dr. Ball and will be an inspiration to us to live with joy.

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