Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watching TV "together"

They say love blossoms when lovers share the same moon, no matter how far they are apart. It's also true of TV. Some nights we will be on the phone and Teri will be watching a great show at the "beach condo" and suggest that I turn it on too at the "mountain cabin," 90 miles away. Last night we were watching a public broadcasting special on really old people who were having a gas putting on a musical. Among the songs they sang was the BeeGees classic "Staying Alive." We laughed our heads off. And we paid homage to these golden agers who were making the most of their retirement years.

OK, so TV may not be quite as romantic as a full moon. But there is energy to be gained from sharing that electronic glow, even when 90 miles apart. We also stay in touch through phone calls, text messages and emails. You might say our love is plugged in.

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