Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Daily Miracle

There's a reason why every day is 24 hours. Even if the first 23 hours don't go that well, the 24th hour might. You've got to not quit before the miracle. Tuesday of the Second Honeymoon was like that. The morning was blustery, cold, pouring rain and sleet, miserable. We couldn't hardly get the car doors open, much less go for a walk on the beach. No matter. We went shopping at the outlet mall instead and regrouped. We thought about going north but at the last minute chose to go south. We drove through snow, sleet, hail and lots more enroute to Tillamook and its famous cheese plant. We sloshed through the several inches of slushy snow in the parking lot and went inside to sample cheese, watch it being made, try some ice cream, sample fudge and more. Finally, it was time to hit the road for a great adventure to burn off some of those easy-earned calories, and we went to Cape Meares Lighthouse for a long hike through the forest to some fantastic ocean overlooks.

At evening, after dinner, we went quickly to the beach to watch a magnificent sunset plunge into the ocean. We got great pictures and better yet great memories. A day that started off as misery ended as pure joy.

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