Friday, March 16, 2012

Sun Breaks

Lewis and Clark, during the winter of 1805-06, faced something like 120 straight days of rain at Fort Clatsop. We caught a sun break. After a rainy morning and most of a rainy afternoon, we checked into the Hotel Elliott in Astoria. Looking out the window, squinting, straining, imagining, we thought we saw a bit of blue in the billowing gray clouds. That was enough to prompt a cry of "Let's head for the blue." We hopped in the Prius and headed over the bridge to Fort Stevens State Park and to the south jetty at the far northwest corner of Oregon. Waves hammered the jetty. We soaked in the warmth from the sun and the power of the waves and wind.

Later, because sun breaks in this part of the country aren't to be taken for granted, we raced up one of the steepest streets in America to the Astoria Column for a panoramic view of the country. The wind howled. The cold penetrated. The photographers persevered and got some great shots after climbing the 168 steps to the top of the tower.

Sometimes we drive until we find a rainbow. Today we drove until we found a sun break.

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