Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quality Time

One of the five love languages is quality time. (The others are affirmations, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.) Being that Teri and I are in a Living Apart Together, or LAT, relationship, quality time becomes a big deal. The way I manage it when we are 90 miles apart, me in the mountain cabin in Cove and Teri in the beach condo in Milton-Freewater, is nightly phone calls. I try not to call until after 9 p.m., when I know Teri should be home from her dad's, where she often checks in on weekday evenings, makes sure Al is OK and cooks them dinner.

Our conversations ramble all over the place. They range from the joke of the day to how work went and weekend plans. Basically, we just enjoy each other's company. I try to remember to give her an energy hug and kiss her goodnight. It's not the same as in person, of course, but it does help us build good relationship-growing habits over time.

Sure, 90 miles is 90 miles. But through the phone it feels as if we are sharing time, space and dreams.

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