Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekends Were Made for Love

Remember the slogan "Weekends are made for Michelob"? I think a better slogan is, "Weekends are made for love." Sure, I love my beer. But I love my life and my wife a lot more, and I want to be around for many years to enjoy both.

Studies show that bingeing on beer once a month (that's just three or more beers) can take six years off a person's life. I'm now in the middle of a lifestyle campaign to no longer bring beer home — and to no longer binge. It's all part of my Gray Seals and Younger Next Year programs to see just how far I can go and how good I can feel. The empty calories of beer (each can is equivalent to a Twinkie) are not wanted or needed.

I'm fortunate that several of my best friends are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. They've already quit and are living rich lives free of substance abuse. They are role models for me as I pursue a life of quality and quantity. I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic or drug addict. I'm just saying my history of bringing beer into the home has given me more calories than I need, and could lead to health complications if I don't nip the habit in the bud.

I'll still have a beer out on the town from time to time. Sure, buying beer at a restaurant seems more expensive. But now I'm into quality, not quantity. And bringing beer home in the long run costs more, not just to the wallet but to the body in health complications. Let someone else's weekends be fogged by Michelob. I choose to be clear, sharp, vital and alive so that I can see just where this crazy exercise program, and especially this crazy love, wants to go.

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