Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shop Til You Drop

Ah, Valentine's Week. My Sweetie invited me out for a great breakfast at the Maple Counter Cafe on a rainy Saturday morning in Walla Walla. We shared a Danish cherry pancake. The atmosphere was great. The service was terrific. The coffee cup never went dry. Afterward, while Honey Bunches of Whole Wheat Fruit Loops paid for our meal, I wandered over to window shop at Goodwill, the much maligned store carrying lots of well used merchandise and the occasional treasure. There, much to my astonishment, I found an amazing painting, in a nice frame, by my favorite artist, Norman Rockwell, depicting young lovers and their dog in an all-American scene of romantic unconditional love. And for $7. What a steal!

When we wandered inside to pay for our masterpiece, we also spotted an Oreo bowl for $1.99. Viola! Teri, in her first email to me, made a joke that I probably dunked my Oreos in beer. Ever since Oreos — alas, not beer! —have been an important part of our shared family history. No, we do not indulge ourselves regularly in Oreo sugary-sweet simple carbohydrate goodness. But it is fun to have reminders around the mountain cabin and beach condo of this important bit of sassiness that set the tone for our relationship.

I always encourage Teri to "shop like a man." In other words, keep up a pace in the store and grab stuff on the go. Of course, she does just the opposite, even when shopping at Goodwill.

OK, so we got in and out of Goodwill fairly quickly with our newfound treasures. We may not have shopped like a Real Man, or until we dropped, or until we had to declare bunkruptcy and pitch a tent under a bridge. Still, it sure was fun going on a Valentine's Week treasure hunt with my Sweetie and celebrate love.

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