Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life is a Beach

We call the Milton-Freewater home the "beach condo" even though it is 300 miles from the Oregon Coast. Both of us love the coast. We wish we could spend more time there. However, reality demands full-time jobs, mine at The Observer, a daily newspaper in La Grande, and Teri's at Whitman College in Walla Walla. Hence, we have to bring some of the coast to us, and have decorated the condo accordingly with replica lighthouses, paintings and other souvenirs that remind us of past travels and give us hope for future adventures.

Like all things in life, the beach condo is a work in progress. One thing we try to do when we get the chance is to buy particularly artistic kitchen implements or living room accessories. For example, we got a tower lamp and a tower vase for the living room, and bright red spatulas and soup bowls for the kitchen. These may or may not have beach themes, but they are items of beauty and inspiration.

Home, to us, is an art gallery. We are of modest means, but when we do get to purchase something, we consider its function and form. We are looking first for something that works and second for its eye appeal. Both form and function are important. It is comforting and uplifting to surround ourselves with beauty — and to feel transported, upon coming home from a challenging day at work, to the restfulness of the beach.

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