Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday driver!

Teri and I like to grab the cameras and go for Sunday drives. Only this time we were taking pictures only with the cameras of our minds. That's OK. The days are getting longer, and what better way to enjoy waning winter than to check out the wildlife congregating along the South Fork Walla Walla River. Turkeys, mule deer, cougars, oh my! Well, we didn't actually see cougars, just silhouettes of brush that looked like cougars. No matter.

Sweetie Pie can see the spots on a fawn 500 yards away, and I can usually pick out all five fingers on my hand if I hold it close enough to my face. Opposites attract.

Teri enjoys jumping in the car and exploring. There is no agenda, no set plan, no timeline. Sometimes we try to chase down rainbows. Other times we try to see elk grazing on Northeast Oregon mountainsides. Either way, it's fun to get out and see the treasures of our wild Oregon.

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