Monday, February 13, 2012

Fancy Dancing

Since we didn't get to have a first dance at our wedding reception, we decided to have a first dance sometime during each day we are together. It's another part of a really fine, super terrific A1 Groundhog Day. It's also a lot of fun. The first dance might happen at 5 in the morning (God forbid!) or at 10 at night. It might happen while walking on a sidewalk in downtown Walla Walla or in a grocery store aisle, much to the disgust of younger people half our age who think the AARP set should be heard and not seen.

This morning, as I got ready for my oh so early 5:45 departure for the 75-mile commute to La Grande, we started to dance. Knowing time was of the essence, I led us in a fast dance. We both laughed and had a good time putting new dents in the Beach Condo rug.

While I am no Fred Astaire and Teri is no Ginger Rogers, we enjoy these stolen moments moving in harmony. And to this point there have been no major medical issues. We still have the use of all our toes.

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