Sunday, February 5, 2012

Team Spirit

We're in the process of slowly combining resources. In fact, this week, for the first time ever, both our checks were deposited into a shared bank account. It takes a lot of trust. Over time we've built the trust that neither of us will run out and buy a shar pei dog, or a pet opossum or badger on credit, or gamble away our limited funds at Wildhorse casino. We'll call a family meeting if either of us plans to make a purchase of $100 or more. And both of us can monitor the account online to make sure we have enough of a cushion to pay needed bills or have a little fun.

Over time, we're hoping to find a way to pay off all our credit cards so we get on a cash basis. Of course, we know there may be a time when a medical or some other emergency causes us to go into debt. We'll deal with that then. For now, we are trying to be disciplined and get our financial house in order so that what money we do have stretches as far as it possibly can.

The important thing, for both of us, is to be comfortable with this new arrangement. We need to continue paying our bills and having a little fun without constantly looking over our shoulders or walking on eggshells. We work hard for a living, and we need some rewards for that effort.

Working together, and blending our financial resources, we can make each other's lives just a little more pleasant. And in the end that is what matters.

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