Friday, January 20, 2012

Weather warning

The Columbia Basin, where Teri lives at the beach condo, most days, is encrusted in several inches of ice. Roads, schools and businesses are closed. Everyone is hunkered down waiting for the inversion to lift.

The Grande Ronde Valley, where I live, most days, is basking in 40 degree temperatures. Cove, at 3,000-feet elevation, is up in the warm air where the rain is coming from. The rain is falling from that layer of warm air onto the surface in Milton-Freewater where the temperature is hovering around 20. The rain is freezing as soon as it hits the ground, turning the basin into an ice rink.

Now it's Friday, my normal time to commute over the Blues from the Grande Ronde Valley to the Columbia Basin. The weather looks iffy. The roads look dicey. But as the day goes on, the weather will likely change and warm up, Maybe by late afternoon, when I get off work, the roads will be good enough to make a run for it over the Blues, down Cabbage Hill and then up to Milton-Freewater. We'll get on the phone and make an educated decision.

As the Wonder Woman says, better to stay in our respective homes one weekend and not risk our lives, and then have many, many more weekends together. I like how she thinks. Maybe that's why she engraved, on the inside of my wedding ring, Forever and a Day.

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