Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Color for my Sweetie

Every month, on the occasion of the day Teri answered my wink, Oct. 12, 2008, I send her a colorful bouquet. Some people said the tradition would end after we got married. I took that as a big, fat challenge.

Well, that magical day, 9-10-11, came and went, and the bouquets just keep on arriving. They're colorful because Teri absolutely loves color. They are a sign that I am thinking of her, in my office, 85 miles and a mountain range from her office. It gives her something bright and cheery to look at all week long.

Don't tell my honey, but ordering flowers is as easy as picking up the phone. The people at the flower shop are happy to have the business, and I'm sure they wish a lot more husbands would take such initiative.

Sure, a bouquet has to be an agreed-upon monthly budget item. But I can think of all sorts of ways to spend that money -- fast food, potato chips, soft drinks, beer -- that wouldn't be anywhere near as profitable.

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