Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storm Chaser

Romance is an adrenaline sport when you live 90 miles apart, most days, with a storm-catching mountain range in between. No, the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon aren't the Sierras or the Cascades. But the Blues aren't anything to sneeze at either. Storms marching off the Pacific Ocean can pack a fierce punch as they slam into the Blues in a winter weather season that lasts from November through April. Teri and I love the Blues. We love the magnificent views coming down Cabbage Hill. Every time we drive over this hurdle to see each other our love grows stronger, more enduring, as enduring as our beloved mountains. To us, over the Blues means more than just a drive through snowy pines. It means moving beyond sadness and despair to the rarified air of a love that is as strong as a mountain storm -- and much more enduring.

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