Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Living Apart Together

We got married, moved to our dream home on the Oregon Coast and retired to a life of making art. Just dreaming. In reality, after the magical wedding day of 9-10-11, after a wonderful honeymoon trip to Squamish, B.C., we dove right back into our jobs. And both work places were shorthanded, forcing us to double our efforts at labor and battling that fierce enemy, stress. No, we can't give up our day jobs just yet. We need to keep the electricity on and the bills paid. And since those jobs happen to be 85 miles apart, with the Blue Mountains in between, we have kept the "mountain cabin" in Cove and the 'beach condo" in Milton-Freewater. We have two homes to maintain, two jobs, double bills on everything. We are a classic Living Apart Together couple, staying in daily contact through email, text messages, Facebooking and phone calls and rendezvousing on weekends, holidays and vacations. Sure, it's not ideal. But we share the same moon. We see the same shooting stars. And we are making Living Apart Together work, growing and nuturing our love one day at a time.

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