Monday, January 2, 2012

Even Steven

This year my goal is to write on even-numbered days. Teri vows to write on odd-numbered days. I like the idea of writing on even steven days. I believe for everything bad that happens, something good happens. It's like the Christmas eve sermon at Teri's niece Ashley and her husband Nathan's church in West Richland, Wash. The minister was saying, "When something really bad happens, a person asks, 'Why me, God?' Then when something unbelieveably good happens, the same person asks, 'Why me, God?'" I knew right away what the minister was talking about. That's how it worked with me. Tina's death in September 2007 at age 48 was the really bad, unbelieveably painful thing. Meeting Teri and getting married on 9-10-11 with the incredible outpouring of support from family and friends was the really good, amazingly wonderful thing. Why me, God? Why not me?

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