Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lonely planet

Winter evenings when we are apart, me at the mountain cabin, Teri at the beach condo, can be loooooooooong. That's especially true on dark and stormy nights. And when weather conditions at one place or the other, or both, are frightful. Last evening Teri had to do her 10-mile commute home from work in freezing rain. When I read about it from a friend on Facebook, I was concerned. But when I tried to reach Teri by phone, there was no answer. I just told myself she was driving home and could not answer the phone, then. She'd let me know soon enough that all was OK. When I finally was able to reach her, the relief was palpable.

The good part is, even living 90 miles apart much of the time, we still share the same moon. And through email, text messaging and phone calls, or chatting on Facebook, we can stay in touch. We know there will be loneliness, but with patience, trust, understanding and unconditional love, we can get through to that far distant day when we will actually share the same house full time. It's something to look forward to.

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