Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fear of the Unknown

We've attended two funerals lately. Both men set the bar high for moving on to the next level. Both would help people out whenever needed, and not worry whether the other person could give anything back. They were nonjudgmental.

The ministers conducting the services, however, spent a lot of time on the topic "fear of the unknown." Who has time for such fears? Why not just fear the known? Fear what we can do but aren't. Fear the consequences of eating too much sugar or drinking too much beer. Fear what will happen to our bodies if we don't move at least a half hour a day, five days a week. Fear what will happen if we cut ourselves off from social contact, if we choose not to volunteer or get involved when opportunities arise.

Nothing against good Christians getting prepared for the afterlife. As was said in the Rob Carter service, for a true American hero, it's good to have no regrets when you step up to St. Peter's gate. It's good to know you have made the right choices. It's good to have not been a whiner.

Fear of the unknown? I don't think so. I'll fear the known, and try to be a little more like Carter in providing those around me nonjudgmental love.

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