Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012... a new year, a new slate.

Ahhh... the possibilities. It has been 113 days since our magical wedding day, 112 days since my husband last posted on our blog. Here's to hoping that in this new year we'll share more of our time together in this blog.

Today, after a New Year's Eve celebration and a blissful night of sleep, we had a wonderful day. This morning I fixed oat and walnut pancakes and made a three-berry compote to top them off. Yummy way to start off the new year. We also managed some chores around the house, some needed reorganizing and such. Today was also a delightful day for a walk in the winter sunshine. Sunny and chilly, but I had my sweetheart with me. I love going for a long walk with Jeff. We have a chance to share the sights of the neighborhoods and talk about anything we wish. The walk never seems long when I am with him.

This year we won't have wedding planning and such tasks to accomplish so we can get on with our other projects. My part will be trying to clean out the clutter from the garage. My surroundings and my life need some reorganizing... but all in good time. I also plan to work on the two quilts I have in process. Also this year WE are going to the BEACH..... the Oregon Coast to be exact.

Also, I guess we should fill you in on some fun details of our wedding and share some photos we took on our honeymoon to Canada. It's been a marvelous time we've had together and we are looking forward to another year of adventures.

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