Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teri's First Impressions of Jeff

Well.... I saw his profile, photos and content. I liked his rugged good looks and was impressed by what he had to say. Jeff noted that he was a widower. Now, he was seeking a partner who was intelligent, adventurous, loving of people and animals and a good cook for sharing accomplishments, challenges, outdoor activities and fun. "Make the ordinary extraordinary. Enjoy the little things of life. Let's love, cherish and annoy the heck out of each other." Seeing his words made me think... 'This man had a wonderful marriage that sadly ended tragically, yet he had such a deep connection and loving relationship with his wife that he now wants to try again. She was a lucky woman.' I thought being around him, as a friend, could be a great adventure and more than likely a lot of fun. He was open, honest, smart and funny. He nearly seemed too good to be true. I thought about contacting him, yet did not... then he sent me the ;) letting me know that he thought we had a lot in common, after he had read my profile. I reviewed his profile again and again, looked at his photos and I thought about his statement of 'drinks regularly' and even though I was not exactly sure of his definition, that still made me hesitate. Besides; he was good looking and that along with all his other qualities, someone else would contact him and my chance would be over anyway. I nearly did not reply to his ;)... you see I had met some not-so upstanding men along with some matches that actually were not even close. I was ready to stop looking... yet I was urged on to make just one more contact.... give THIS man a chance.... see if he was for real, as good as his profile led me to believe he was. If nothing else, maybe, just maybe I'd have another person in my life to call a friend. I sent a reply... a reply with a twist, but a reply nonetheless.

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