Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perchance to meet, but where?

When Jeff and I decided to meet for the first time, face-to-face, we anticipated a brief discussion selecting the time and place - short and sweet. 

Wait just a minute.... not long after making that decision our plans hit a bump in the road. You see, we live about 90 miles apart. We had decided that a good meeting place would be somewhere in between. Well, there are mountain passes in between us. I live on the west side of the Blue Mountains and Jeff lives on the east side. The place we chose for our first meeting was a mountain cabin restaurant near a ski resort. I called to confirm the hours that they were open only to learn that the phone had been disconnected. I found more information on a web site, called that number and was told that "The Chalet" had been Closed.

Now, some might think this a bad omen, but not us. We took this on as a challenge. We had another discussion and made another selection. This time we chose a Native American Cultural Center, nearly in between our communities. We could meet there, go through the museum and go to brunch. Hoping to not be surprised, I called to confirm the museum hours and this time the location we chose was open when we wanted to be there. It was open on the Sunday we wanted to meet. It was the last Sunday to be open for the season, but open nonetheless. 

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