Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jeff's First Impressions of Teri

When I first saw Teri's profile on Yahoo Personals, I was struck with how much we had in common. My only reservation was that it listed her as being from Milton-Freewater, Washington, when anyone with brussell's sprouts for brains knows her hometown is in Oregon. That and the fact that gas had been hovering in the $4.50 per gallon range all the previous summer, and I wanted to meet people within a 50-mile radius of my home -- and Teri lived 90 miles away from Cove. I was lucky, though. I had spent a year recovering from my wife's death from complications of diabetes at age 48, and now I was ready to try dating again for the first time in a quarter century. Teri seemed exotic -- 5-foot-8, blue eyes, dark hair. But I was mainly struck by her words. She could spell and said she had an engaging mind capable of interesting conversation, something beyond "The dog rolled over again. And my, look at that stock car on TV go round and round." That is no small achievement in the world of Yahoo Personals. I wondered how someone so beautiful inside and out could be "single, never married." I ran Teri's profile past my mentor and good friend, Sandy, in Washington, D.C., a person who had been encouraging and coaching me daily for most of a year. Sandy said Teri seemed intense yet a good person. I had never sent anyone on Yahoo Personals a wink before much less asked for a date. But Teri said she liked stories with unexpected twists, and I was about to give her one of them.

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