Monday, March 8, 2010

Of Character and Chemistry

I may be the first man in Yahoo Personals history to admit to being a regular beer drinker. I wanted to be honest and let whoever answered my personal ad know exactly what they were getting into. Here's who I am, some flaws, many strengths, and what I want. I wanted to find that special someone and not waste a lot of time on dates that were going nowhere. Teri's Yahoo Personals page was titled "Change your attitude, change your life." Right off the bat I could tell she was a character with character. She talked about lots of deep things - being a graphic artist and photographer, about enjoying sunsets and the power of the ocean, and she also mentioned fair play, an engaging mind, a young-at-heart maturity, interesting conversation. She talked about light things, wanting to find someone with a sense of humor. Best of all, she could write. And spell. That, my friends, is not guaranteed in Yahoo Land. We began exchanging e-mails and an amazing thing happened. We began filling in our back stories, pouring out our hearts and souls, getting to know each other well without ever having talked on the phone or met face to face. An amazing chemistry was developing - and fast.

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