Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shop til you drop

Shopping for wedding dresses -- so many choices, so little time. It's an estrogen-charged environment. Brides to be from 23 to 53 try on this dress and that to the oohs and ahs of staff and passersby. It's not like a men's shop, where stuff is rented and brought back after the wedding. Here you get a princess dress you can keep for a lifetime. And women shop differently than men. Men like to shop on the run, grab whatever they need quickly and get out of there before they get short of oxygen. Women like to look at things from every angle, get a feel for the aura, feel the fabric, move around, get comfortable, see the emotional reaction of whoever is in the same area code. The problem seems to be finding something that is "perfect" in an imperfect world. Every day we move 24 hours closer to 9-10-11. Decisions must be made. Deadlines loom. Stress builds. Our job is to just be prepared, take the good with the bad, have fun and enjoy the adventure.

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