Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's dance

Growing up in a home where irrational exuberance was frowned upon and ample personal space requirements were encouraged, I never really learned to dance. School tried. Occasionally physical education classes were dedicated to coeducational activities involving synchronized movement. Mostly, I just got embarrassed being that near the opposite sex. I also vaguely felt that dancing was a sin, or might lead to a sin, and somehow my fundamentalist church would disapprove.

Later I learned that, no, dancing was not the primary cause of world overpopulation and that it might indeed be a fun recreational pursuit that could burn some calories and perhaps contribute to positive relationship building.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I found a dancing partner in Teri who was neither judgmental toward nor petulant about my dancing abilities but enjoyed cutting a rug, even if occasionally we left that rug in tatters.

Now we are beginning practice for the traditional wedding "first dance." Sure, it would be nice if we had lessons from a patient instructor. We are choreographing the dance ourselves, doing the best we can, and enjoying every minute of the process. Occasionally, it feels as if we need to be wearing shoulder pads, knee pads and dancing helmets even — for the safety of ourselves and those around us. But we're making progress. And most important of all, we are dancing as if no one is watching and enjoying occasional bouts of irrational exuberance. What fun!

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