Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oz 7 and Tea Time

Teri and I are both big fans of Dr. Oz, the medicine man. One day on his TV show he was talking about his own daily routine of seven minutes of stretching to start the day. Teri took note and suggested it might be something we'd like to try, on our own and as a couple. It turned out to be a great way to set the tone for the day, and now has become a part of our Groundhog Day. Having experienced a 24-year marriage, I know that the days can start to all blend together, so why not come up with a healthy, positive "rut," one that automatically builds the relationship day after day?

The Oz 7 and now Tea Time with Teri serves as bookends on the day. Tea is relaxing and contributes to good health. When we are living apart, I try to call Teri each evening about 9 so we can stay in touch and build the relationship. At the same time I try to have several cups of tea to start winding down on the day. When we are together, on weekends and during vacations, we get to do the Oz 7 and have Tea Time together.

Both Oz 7 and Tea Time are works in progress. We are still incorporating them into what is evolving into, slowly but surely, a great Groundhog Day.

Someday Oz 7 and Tea Time could be as much a part of our day as enjoying the sunrise and the sunset.

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