Saturday, August 28, 2010

Evening walks

Come rain, come snow, come hail or high water, Teri and I are in the habit of going on evening walks. OK, so we are fair weather strollers. Still, there is nothing like a stroll in the moonlight on a warm summer's night. The crickets are chirping. Somewhere about a million chiuauas are barking. The lights of the Walla Walla or Grande Ronde Valley flicker off in the distance like diamonds.

Sprinklers hiss on in people's yards. We watch praying mantises make flight plans. We hear owls off in the distance questioning our identity. We say hi to other strollers out enjoying the evening ambiance. Sometimes we even stop to enjoy blackberries along the roadside.

Sometimes we go for a walk earlier, when it is still daylight. Together, in silence, we watch the sky change color. Mother Nature's fireworks prove to be endlessly fascinating.

Other times we go for a walk after dark. We hold hands, We talk about our 9-10-11 Wedding of the Century. Family barbecues. Future vacation trips. Future mini-vacations. Home designs. Whatever strikes our fancy. It's a great way to reconnect while getting fresh air and exercise. We strengthen our legs and our relationship under the full moon.

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