Friday, August 6, 2010

Blue heron revisited

2010 has been the year of the heron, at least in the Cove area. Persistent spring rains brought widespread flooding in the bottomland along Catherine Creek. Remnants of the flooding remained all the way through July. And the flooded farm fields attracted many blue herons. The heron became an important bird in our relationship on our first date, which included the Pendleton river walk. As we strolled along the Umatilla River, we looked up, as Teri is wont to do. Being a big fan of sunrises and sunsets, she is also a sky watcher, and this time was rewarded in a big way when a magnificent heron flew a perfect circle over our heads and then continued on his adventures. We were awestruck. We took the sighting as a good omen for the future of our relationship, as a blessing from on high.

More positive energy comes from this summer's nearly daily interaction with blue herons along my drive to work. On one magical day, I spotted 19 blue herons. That included one group of 13, a lucky number for us contrarians, taking off into the brilliant morning sky.

Even more positive energy came from a closeup spotting of a heron on my April vacation to the westside of Washington. My mom and I were hiking the trails at the Nisqually Nature Preserve near Olympia, and I came across a blue heron totally entranced with fishing opportunities and unaware of my presence. Usually, blue herons are extremely shy. I took the opportunity and got a spectacular closeup photograph that even includes the heron's top knot shadowed on its back.

Blue herons inspire dreams, promote creativity, instill energy. They give our relationship the Power of Blue.

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