Saturday, August 28, 2010

Decades Behind in Wedding Anniversaries

By the time 9.10.11 arrives and Jeff and I get married, as a first-time-bride I will be decades behind my parents and brothers and several years behind one of my nieces on the wedding anniversary scale.

Next August 29 - 2011 - my brother and sister-in-law celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. His daughter, my niece, has already celebrated her 6th wedding anniversary. My younger brother and sister-in-law have been married nearly 20 years... see, I have lost count... but I know they have managed to survive the test of time,

My parents would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2006, except for the fact that my mother passed away all too soon in 2003. Mom and Dad had been together since 1951 and they married in 1956. All of these married members of my family have enjoyed such happy times, persevered life's struggles and endured mutual heartache. The thing is... they got through all this together.

I find it amazing that my two younger brothers will have celebrated decades of marriage and family life and my oldest niece will have celebrated seven anniversaries ALL before I have been married one minute.

I know that with this kind of track record and me finding THE right person for me, I will eventually celebrate anniversaries, even ones marking a decade or two or three. :)

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