Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meeting the Parents

Even when you're in your fifties, meeting the parents can be a harrowing experience. I knew Teri's dad, Al, was Old School. He was still working as a parts man at age 76. He had been a mechanic. An Army veteran. A hunter and fisherman. I was afraid there would be a test. I would have to shoot a deer, fix a transmission and survive in the wild for a week on just fruits and berries. I'd have to clean a fish, wave a flag and know when to salute. We met for the first time at Ron's, a family diner in Milton-Freewater, for hamburgers and conversation. What I found was a man of character who had raised a daughter who knew how to connect with people, commit to projects and care. What better legacy? Just to be safe, though, I began vigorously practicing marksmanship with my Red Ryder bb gun.


  1. This is Lolly - set up an account for mom to be able to comment on your blog and am testing it!

  2. This is finally Sandy!! It's working...woot! Now I can read the blogs.

  3. that was really funny! When we visited John's mother in the dementia unit of the nursing home the first thing she said (not remembering me and thinking she was meeting me for the first time) "Why Johnny Bill ~ why did you marry that big ass woman?" to which John kindly said, "Because I think she's so cute, Mom" .... he said the right thing!! When John met my family, my cousin Nels said, "Where did you find this character?" to which I replied "What???"..I've never thought fast on my feet! It's been a good but odd combination ever since! And we think each other is really cute!