Friday, April 30, 2010

Balancing Act

As you may know, Jeff and I live 90 miles apart. Trust me; the distance is only in the location of our homes and employment. We feel we are closer than many same-residence couples. The days apart, we e-mail at intervals throughout the day, talk via cell phone each night, send and receive cards through the mail. Most weekends you can find us at one of our homes, or, on a trip somewhere making the most of our time together.

Both employed in different towns and not wanting to give up our day jobs we need to live apart during the week, for now. We both have plenty of responsibility at work and at home. We both have projects and outside interests. We both have family, friends and neighbors. We both have quite a few distractions and tasks that require our time. Our respective days can be long ones, yet we still make the time to remain in close contact every day. We manage to get in some quiet time to talk, laugh, discuss and share. We know that we are both ‘there for’ each other and can be counted on for anything.

We help each other work through various things – health, family relationships, work matters and our own journey. There are times when one of us takes up the slack, keeping things in perspective so we can keep things in balance. Other times, it is the other one of us tipping the scales back to center. There have even been times when we drop everything and simply ‘get away’… whether it be for a walk, a hike, bicycle ride, drive or a mini-vacation. Sometimes to keep things together you need to turn away, to revitalize, clear you mind.

Regardless, we are doing all that we can to keep our balance.

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