Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daily adventure Part 2

Storm clouds roiled over the Blue Mountains. Still, the daily adventure beckoned. It was late May. Picnic season. Time to grab a few choice items at Safeway and head up river to Harris Park. Time to play some horseshoes. Explore the banks of the snowmelt-choked river looking for choice photo opportunities. Enjoy a few mini Oreos to again celebrate Teri's first e-mail to me some 31 months ago. How time flies when you're courting.

On the trip home, we spotted a yard full of deer and stopped to take pictures. What made the scene interesting was that one deer was grazing adjacent to a no hunting sign. What's more, there was a wild turkey also hunting for morsels amidst the deer. We continued to shoot photos, and at one point caused a minor traffic jam. A pickup went by with a dog in the back, the dog going nuts over the deer, and the deer took off for the nearby woods.

Meanwhile, the homeowner came out and began talking with us about the deer, the river and whatever else came to mind. Next thing you know, she was inviting us to the house to check out her many hummingbird feeders. As we are considering expanding our repertoire at the mountain cabin with hummingbird feeders, we wanted to check out the operation and inquire the best ways to attract the most hummers.

Next Linda Pratt invited us in to see the inside of the house and meet her husband, Keith. We were not disappointed. There were stuffed bobcats and cougars, bearskin rugs, slot machines -- a sensory explosion. Later, the Pratts took us over a suspension bridge crossing the river to see where water had been diverted for a flume. Then Keith and Teri fed the deer bread and graham crackers. All in all, it was a daily adventure to remember for a lifetime.

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