Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chasing rainbows

The mild, mild West equivalent of chasing tornadoes is chasing rainbows. It's all about making the most of a stormy day, of not waiting for the storm to pass but of dancing in the rain. Teri also love sunsets. When conditions are ripe, when a storm is crashing into the Blue or Wallowa mountains, when behind it the sun is slanting low in the blue sky West, we jump in the car and drive until we find a rainbow. Or if we don't find a rainbow, often there are enough remnants of the storm to the West that a brilliant sunset develops.

Sure, with rainbow chasing we won't see Dorothy, Toto or a milk cow being hurled through the air like a missile. It is less of an adrenaline sport and more of a chance to enjoy Mother Nature when there are great contrasts in the sky, light to dark. We get to witness the power of a thunderhead, the strength of the wind, all accentuating the natural beauty of Oregon.

The rainbow colors the sky with a promise that, if we continue to work at it, our relationship will prosper. We may never find the elusive pot of gold. But with each other we have abundance, and the support to get through the stormy times of life to when the sun shines again.

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