Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Terms of Engagement

Picking just the right date to be married was easy. We just put on a blindfold and threw a dart at a 2011 calendar. Just kidding. Actually, Teri and I had several criteria that helped us decide. First, we didn't want a date that was too close to a major holiday. I had previously been married on Christmas Eve 1983 and saw how the anniversary celebration got lost in all the other holiday festivities. Being contrarians, we also didn't want to get married in the most popular marriage month, June. We didn't want the weather to be too hot or cold, or too wet. That pretty much narrowed our choices down to, well, September.

Teri studied the calendar and suddenly popped up, "How about 9-10-11? It's on a Saturday, and will be easy for people to remember." I immediately felt that was a good idea, especially since it would give us an 18-month engagement. There was no rush. We needed time to plan the wedding, and save money to pay for it. We also needed time to continue building the relationship.

Besides, it's not like, just as soon as we get married, we'll be offered great jobs in the same town and be able to live full-time in the same house. Could happen. But it's not likely. Of course, living together full-time is our ultimate goal. How we get there, however, might be quite unusual. Stay tuned.

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