Friday, May 14, 2010

Hold the phone

Part of a good Groundhog Day, I decided early on, especially considering the time Teri and I had to spend 90 miles apart, was nightly phone calls. Or maybe I should call it a good Groundhog Night. We could share laughs, tears, tease each other, make plans, help the relationship grow over time.

At first, though, all I had were a landline phone and a calling card with an extremely cheap rate per minute. I was a technophobe stuck in the 20th century. Even at my "cheap rate," costs mounted. Teri, who is much more techno savvy, came to the rescue. One day in February 2009 she, her dad Al and I went to the phone store, geared up and joined a cost-effective cell phone family plan. Now we could call anytime we wanted, and talk as long as we wanted, for the same low rate. The two-year contract we signed was our first contract together, but it held promise, for me at least, that our relationship was secure until far into the future.

I thanked my lucky stars that a cell phone tower had been built on the ridge near my house shortly before Teri and I met, in October 2008. Some might complain that the tower desecrated the natural beauty. For me, the tower brought much joy.

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