Saturday, June 12, 2010

Groundhog Day revisited

A long-term relationship is all about getting into a great routine. Even before I met Teri, I knew, from 24 years of marriage, the importance of establishing a good Groundhog Day. Like in the movie starring Bill Murray, it's all about doing things over and over again and seeking better results. It's about making each day your masterpiece.

Our Groundhog Day is constantly evolving. When we are apart, in our separate homes 90 miles distant, we e-mail throughout the day from work, and each evening I try to call Teri and check in. We share the highlights and lowlights of our days, discuss pressing issues and laugh a lot. We share the same moon, and are close in our hearts.

When we are together, Groundhog Day can start with pillow talk, a whispered I love you, a 44-second energy hug, a special moment at 4:44, our lucky number, an OZ 7 stretching/Yoga routine to start the day, a 20-minute-plus energy walk to end the day and so on.

Groundhog Day involves making good nutrition choices, most of the time, sharing chores whenever possible to make the work go quicker, having fun in the grocery store hip-checking each other into the bananas and checking out the other shoppers and some of their more peculiar choices. It involves being present in the moment.

Groundhog Day is about nurturing the relationship and making it fresh squeezed daily. With our combined creativity, our Groundhog Day holds promise to continue evolving forever.

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  1. I love the new blog look, but now you need to start adding PICTURES!!!!